Ein Polizist rettet eine Frau vorm Erstickungstod, bei der Verkehrskontrolle

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Mehr als „zur richtigen Zeit am richtigen Ort“ kann man dazu nicht sagen:

Kalamazoo Public Safety Officer Jason Gates is being hailed a hero after saving the life of a driver who was choking.

It all unfolded around 11:20 a.m. Saturday August 9, when Officer Gates pulled a woman over for a red light violation in the 4100 block of S. Burdick Street. As the officer approached the car, he found the driver in respiratory distress.

Dash cam video from the incident shows Officer Gates asking the woman if she was okay, and when he realizes she’s in trouble, he administers a couple of back blows. When that doesn’t work, you can see ,Gates quickly pull the woman from the car and administer the Heimlich maneuver.

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