„Putin ist ein Pimmelkopf“

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Seit einigen Tagen geht ein Clip durchs Netz, in dem das Simpsons-Intro in der Anti-Putin Haltung sieht. Zu sehen ist Bart, wie er auf die Tafel „Putin ist ein Pimmelkopf“ schreibt.

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There are two unusual things about this video. First, as the shot sweeps over Springfield on its way to the Simpson family home, an unusual billboard can be seen. It says “Horse ride in Crimea,” and shows a familiar-looking man, bare-chested and riding a horse.

If that wasn’t clear enough, soon we’re at “The Simpsons’” famous “blackboard” scene. Before each episode starts, Bart Simpson is shown writing a different message on the blackboard. Here, he is shown writing […] “Путін хуйло,” alternatively transliterated as “Putin Khuilo” or “Putin Huylo,” has become one of the rallying cries for anti-Russian protesters in Ukraine. It’s an offensive term which means something of the lines of “Putin is a d—head!”

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