Eine “Schwimmende” Cannabis-Plantage



Kaum zu glauben, aber diese Füchse kommen immer wieder auf neue, geniale Ideen. In Ungarn haben sie einen 35-jährigen Angler festgenommen, der an einem See in Neusiedl Marihuana auf dem Wasser züchtete. Wir reden hier von insgesamt 42 Pflanzen.

“Police found a total of 42 potted cannabis plants that were well hidden in a patch of dense reeds.

The owner was due to harvest the buds in a few weeks. The police stumbled upon the plants by accident, which were growing on the border of Burgenland and Hungary.

The gardener – who is also a keen angler who spends a lot of time at the lake – said that he bought the hemp seeds in Austria and was growing the plants for his own use.”

via Arbroath // Ronny

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Willy Dr. Lima

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