Pole Dancing in Slow-Motion

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Ehrlich gesagt habe ich mich noch nie mit dem Berufszweig Pole Dancing beschäftigt, bis ich dieses Video hier von George Harvey gesehen habe, in dem die Tänzerin Sarah Scott zeigt, wie schön das doch alles aussehen kann, in Slow-Motion.

Pole dancing has long been known as the focus of male attention in many a rap and hip-hop video – as well as real life, of course. But now film publication NOWNESS has given the activity a whole new look through this hypnotic, slow-motion short. Director George Harvey captures award-winning, YouTube-taught, UK-based dancer Sarah Scott as she shows a different side to the strip club performance. Shot in black and white, the slow-motion filming reveals the physical exertion necessary in order to perform this thoroughly athletic activity.


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