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Leider nichts für den schmalen Geldbeutel, aber das Teil hier ist ja mal sowas von verdammt heiß

To help DC Comics celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Batman, Switzerland’s Romain Jerome has taken on the task to produce a limited edition series of Batman-DNA watches. In similar fashion as their Space Invaders take with colette, PAC-MAN, and their DoLorean DNA, the premium watchmaker takes the essence of the franchise to create a timepiece with appeal that extends beyond just die-hard caped crusader fans. The Batman logo is placed on the dial within a case with sharp angles to match the Batmobile Tumbler, which projects both a light and a dark luminance depending on the viewing angle. Only 75 pieces will be made, with a textured leather strap to further solidify the fact that even high-dollar CEOs could wear this model outside of their weekly comic book enthusiast meetings. Priced at just under $20,000, head to the Romain Jerome site directly to purchase.

romain-jerome-batman-dna-watch-1-570x892 romain-jerome-batman-dna-watch-2-570x935

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