Ein faltbarer Stehtisch aus Karton

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Seit langem mal wieder eine coole Idee auf Kickstarter. Dort wird mit Refold gerade ein zusammenbastelbarer Stehtisch vorgestellt, der 100% recyclebar ist. Geile Idee, vor allem wenn man viel unterwegs ist.

Refold is proud to present its cardboard standing desk.

100% recyclable and completely New Zealand made it showcases the perfect combination of innovation and environmental awareness.

This desk enables your lifestyle. It folds into a lightweight, compact carry case, allowing you to work and live the way you want.

The flexible, user-friendly design caters to endless applications. It could be used for offices, schools, creative studios, events, or even mobile offices and disaster relief. The desk is yours to decide how it can work for you.


via Bored Panda

Über den Autor

Willy Dr. Lima

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