Star Wars im echten Leben – Die Fotostrecke des Tages


Der Fotograf Thomas Dagg hat seine ganz eigenen Vorstellungen von tollen Fotos. Also rief er diese Fotostrecke hier ins Leben, in der die fiktionale Welt von Star Wars mit der echten Welt verschmilzt. Herausgekommen dabei sind wunderbare Fotos, über die der Fotograf selbst sagt:

„The inspiration was always there, really. I had a very overactive imagination as a kid. This was what I saw when I looked around the world. If there was a jogger running, my mind raced back to Dagobah and Luke training, for example. I used a lot of toys/my most prized possessions from back then to composite in, too. It’s very much an homage to my childhood, not just putting popular culture into photographs. It’s funny looking back. I used to doodle ships and things over photographs back then, so when I was finally comfortable enough with the compositing, I started working on the major memories I had. Two years later and I’m happy to finally release them.“






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Alle Fotos © by Thomas Dagg

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