Typ rennt 3 Stunden als Steve Aoki über das Stereo Music Festival

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Unfassbar! Mit dem Typen möchte ich um keinen Preis tauschen. Scheint echt hart zu sein, so eine Pfeife wie Steve Aoki zu imitieren.

Australia-based photographer Jarrad Seng looks a lot like DJ/Producer Steve Aoki, and he says he gets mistaken for him all the time by people on the street. So naturally, he fully embraced the attention and spent 3 hours walking around the Stereosonic music festival in Perth (where Aoki was headlining) posing for selfies with strangers. You can hear part of a radio interview about the stunt with the real Aoki, who says he thought he saw the guy and doesn’t care as long as people are having fun.

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