Wenn Typen als Soziale Netzwerke gekleidet sind

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Die Serie “What If Girls Were Internet Browsers” gab es ja schon. Nun hat Viktorija Pashuta ein paar Männer als Soziale Netzwerke verkleidet. Einige hätte ich sicherlich nicht erkannt, aber die Idee dahinter ist natürlich klasse.

Even though they share very similar functions and features, each social network has its own character and style: Facebook depicted as casual, Twitter as classic, Pinterest as creative, LinkedIn as Business, Instagram as vintage, Flickr as artsy, Tumblr as hip and Google+ as innovative.

By combining the visual elements of the logos, I then casted the models that will carry the ‘spirit’ of the social platforms and represent their essence. It may be subjective, but this is exactly how I imagined the networks would look like if they stepped down from the computer screens to the streets. Working closely with the wardrobe stylist, Editor in Chief of Vanichi magazine and one of the models (featured as Instagram) – together we finalized these looks, making sure we haven’t overlooked any important details to make these characters believable. Even their personalities somehow appeared to be matching the ‘soul’ of the networks: Tumblr (modeled by Daniel) was very hip and cool, Google + (modeled by Taejung) was super energetic, Facebook (modeled by Mazlow) – was a freshman out of high school, etc”.

Fotos © by Viktorija Pashuta

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