Fashion-Fotoshooting mit Spielzeugkamera

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Es muss nicht immer das teuerste und neueste Equipment sein, es kann auch mal aus Kinderhand kommen:

This is Lara Jade, a famous fashion photographer who shoots elite models in the most expensive clothes around the world. She’s used to using the best equipment available. But she accepted the Cheap Camera Challenge: to do a professional shoot using only this minimal camera.


Einfach mal geile Shoots mit ner Kinderkamera gemacht. Ist zwar nicht so detailliert, sieht aber dennoch nicht schlechter aus.

Jade did get to use professional models, expensive wardrobes, and the best makeup. During a 6-hour airline layover in Hong Kong, she did remarkable work. You can see other photos from her shoot here.


Fotos © by Lara Jade

 via Neatorama

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Willy Dr. Lima

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