Aus 21 mach IS – Eine Frau bekommt Besuch von der Polizei


Das ist ja mal Slapstick pur. Eine junge Dame aus Schweden namens Sarah Ericsson feierte am Montag ihren 21. Geburtstag. Darum hing sie sich auch einen Ballon als 21 ins Fenster, macht ja Sinn so zum Geburtstag. Doof nur, dass die Nachbarn von draußen keine 21 erkannten, sondern ein „IS“. Daraufhin riefen sie die Polizei, könnte sich ja um Terroristen handeln.

“It was a little strange,” whispered the 21-year-old to The Local from the library at Blekinge Institute of Technology in southern Sweden, where she is taking a course in Spatial Planning.

The student was already in class on Monday when her boyfriend Fabian Åkesson, who was staying at her home in Karlskrona, recieved a visit from police.

A passerby had called them after looking through the window at two balloons pushed together to make the number ’21’ and confusing their reverse image with the letters ‘IS’, which the extremist group also known as Isis and the Islamic State often uses as part of its propaganda.


“They asked me to take down the balloons to avoid further misunderstanding. We laughed some more about it all and they wished me a nice day, and wished my girlfriend a belated Happy Birthday,” he said.

“I’m so surprised at all the attention. I will never forget my 21st birthday!”


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