Schmuckstück: Eine 50-Jahre alte, unberührte Küche

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Wow, die sieht einfach wunderbar aus und wurde nie benutzt. Könnte mir sehr gut vorstellen, dass so etwas mal wieder voll im Trend ist, aber das mal außer Acht gelassen, wie geil ist diese Küche denn bitte?!

“House untouched for 50 years” usually means rats, mold and various unspeakable things. However, when Nathan Chandler bought this home in 2010, he found a pleasant surprise: a kitchen that had remained untouched since it was finished in 1956. There’s really no explanation why the previous owners never used the house, especially when it was still brand-spanking new. Still, this interesting curio shows us how people lived way back when.

While the differences are not apparent at first glance, once you start looking into the actual kitchen appliances, you’ll see years of progress in the field of storing and preparing food. This was probably a housewife’s dream back then, but today, it’s an antique, and one that Nathan has already sold to an interested party. I wonder what they’re gonna do with it. Probably not make food.

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Über den Autor

Willy Dr. Lima

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