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Ich glaube, dass damit ein Traum für viele Kids da draußen wahr werden würde. Fakt ist: Es gibt eine Kickstarter-Kampagne, die eine Emoji Tastatur für Apple-Produkte finanzieren soll. Wie genau das funktioniert, weiss ich dann auch nicht. Aussehen tut es schonmal super. Aber das reicht dann leider nicht aus.

We have the keyboard layout designs finalized, and the installer software is built. We still need to choose the factory that will give us the highest quality product and we’re stress testing samples right now.

Once this project is backed, we’ll have to order, pack, and ship everything out to you. This can be overwhelming so we are partnering with Social Print Studio to handle fulfillment and customer support as they have been doing this kind of thing for years.

Of course we might run into unexpected delays with the production facilities, shipping and customs – but will do our utmost to get your Emoji Keyboard as soon as possible.


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