Ein brandneuer Mustang mit klassischem 1965’er Mustang-Body

Art & Design

Sollte es definitiv bei mehr Autos geben, als bei dem Mustang hier. Wobei es hierbei schon mal verdammt geil ist.

While it’s unlikely that General Motors has saved the dies from 1957 to stamp the fenders, or is willing to go back to making carburetors, you actually can buy a classic American car with modern-day underpinnings—but from Orlando, not Detroit. Ford has licensed the actual body design of the original Mustang (the body that was on the ’64 1/2 to ’66 models) to a Florida-based company called Revology Cars. Revology then has the bodies produced by California-based muscle car parts manufacturer Dynacorn International, and kits them out with modern suspensions, brakes, steering, powertrain and interior amenities.

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Über den Autor

Willy Dr. Lima

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