R2-D2 Krawatte



Mehr so etwas für Nerds, aber auch irgendwie cool. R2-D2 eben, das kann man immer tragen.

A civilized event is cause for an elegant accessory. Whether it’s a wedding, a party to schmooze with investors, or dinner with the CEO, you occasionally need to look dapper. Pull your favorite suit out of its dry cleaning bag because tonight’s the night to make an impression. Best leave your blaster at home; you wouldn’t want to be tempted to do something rash.

This R2-D2 silk tie is the perfect accompaniment to your suit. Like Artoo, it’s convenient. And although C-3PO may have been the protocol droid, this little guy fits all the dress code requirements. Don it before a big corporate shindig, and you’re already prepped for small talk with the bigwigs that isn’t about the weather or local sports teams.



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Willy Dr. Lima

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