Batman-Rucksack mit Flügeln



Kann man bestimmt auch mit fliegen, auch wenn ich es lieber nicht ausprobieren würde. Batman Hooded Costume Backpack with Wings, by DC Comics

Transform into the Dark Night instantly with this slick Batman suit up backpack! The black backpack features Batman’s signature bat logo on the front just above a small zip pocket, but it doesn’t end there! Hidden in three zip compartments are a hood complete with bat ears and bat wings on either side complete with wrist straps! To complete the transformation simply fasten the chest strap which has a Batman shield logo and the waist strap which has a utility belt for all Batman’s essentials! This is a teen/adult backpack recommended for ages 14 and up. Shoulder straps, chest and waist straps are all adjustable to fit your frame.

batman_hooded_backpack2 small_batman_hooded_backpack1



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Willy Dr. Lima

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