Das größte illegale Graffiti der Welt

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Krasse Aktion der Indecline Crew, die in der Mojave Wüste ein verlassenes Flugfeld des Militärs gefunden haben. Auf diesem haben sie dann ein sage und schreibe 910 Meter langes und gefühlt 10 Meter breites Piece auf die Landebahn getackert. Das ganze macht dann in der Summe etwa 9000 Quadratmeter lackiert. Großartig!

This Land Was Our Land—both literally, in the sense that acres of remote desert were used up and discarded by our government in order to improve our ability to drop bombs on people in far off lands (who constitute a threat just because they peddle a different set of ideals than us;) and also figuratively, as in we as a species are presently embroiled in the constantly accelerating process of using up and discarding this planet as a whole. It was ours, and it easily could be ours again. The only thing that needs to change is that we take responsibility for it.

Fight on, Indecline

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