Sonnenbaden auf dem Windrad

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Es hätte der perfekte Geheimspot für ein chilliges, ruhiges Plätzchen für ein Sonnenbad werden sollen. Doch der unbekannte Mann aus Rhode Island, hatte eben nicht mit einer Drohne gerechnet.

A drone pilot taking a look at a giant wind turbine was startled to find a man sunbathing on the top of it.

Kevin Miller flew the drone all the way up the 200ft turbine to find the mystery man flat on his back catching some rays.

Woken from his nap by the noise of the drone, he sits up, gives a wave, and looks rather nonplussed as the drone moves in further for a good look.

The bearded adventurer seemed entirely unconcerned about being unbelievably high in the sky without any safety equipment.



via Schlecky Silberstein

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