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Neben diesen ganzen Serienprojekten auf Lego-Basis mal was anderes. Die Idee stammt von Daniel Weissberg, der diese auf Lego Ideas einreichte. Und dabei hat er kaum ein Detail außer Acht gelassen. Die Türen lassen sich öffnen und Sitzplätze sind auch ausreichend vorhanden.

BVG Weil wir Dich lieben

With its ten lines, the U-Bahn (underground, subway) Berlin runs along a network of approximately 146 kilometres and includes 143 stations. Most metro lines operate underground, but some run on above ground tracks. The U-Bahn Berlin is known for its yellow-colored trains.

This detailed model of a modern train impresses with its rounded design, which picks the well-known colours and shapes of the „Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe“. With a railcar and two additional cars, this concept allows a good insight into Berlin’s underground. More than 12 minifigures and a rail station part create a realistic, almost lively, for Berlin typical scene. The model consists of 4000 parts. Each door and the ceiling areas can be opened. The train is compatible with the Lego-standard rails. The interior offers plenty of space for up to 12 seated and several standing minifigures. Even bicycles can be placed inside.


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Willy Dr. Lima

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