Hinter den Kulissen von Jurassic World – Pickles dreht komplett durch


Um es in einem Satz zusammenzufassen:

Pickles the dinosaur goes berserk on a Jump Pad inflatable jumping pillow.

Warum eigentlich Pickles? Darum:

„Pickles was born in late August, 2015 as the idea of a spirited and wild 3-year-old named Allie. She asked for a ‚dinosaur best friend‘ at her birthday party (Jurassic World theme) in July (Allie named the dinosaur Pickles, because dinosaurs died when they didn’t have enough food and pickles are her favorite food).

In this video, the person inside the costume is Aaron Smith, my brother in law. We were camping at the Woodstock/Lincoln KOA Campground in New Hampshire and decided to have some fun. We’ve got two dinosaurs now, Pickles and Olive. Olive will be introduced this weekend, they’re currently earning their roar.“

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Willy Dr. Lima

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