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„Wir wollen schnelles Essen, welches aber einen qualitativ guten Hintergrund hat.“ Würde ich so unterschreiben. Ich war vor einiger Zeit auch schon mal für DRLIMA auf einem Street-Food Festival unterwegs und dort wirklich viel erlebt, gelernt und natürlich auch genossen. Seitdem gehe ich wirklich ziemlich oft auf Food-Märkte und achte etwas mehr darauf, welche Produkte in den heimischen Regalen stehen und welche nicht.

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Unsere Freunde von OSK haben sich ebenfalls mal mit der Thematik befasst und ein schönes Video dazu produziert. Wie könnte es auch anders sein, wieder im wundervollen Big Apple – New York:

„Around the world street food has become more popular than ever. People queue in front of food trucks and street food markets. As it seems, they are all tired of the same old standard fast food. It no longer satisfies their hunger, and they yearn for something else – something unique with quality and abundant variety.

But it’s not just the food itself that attracts street food fans. Sharing the experience with others is a major draw. People come together to celebrate street food.

Yet, street food can be a very personal thing: cooks and vendors reveal a big part of themselves through their work. They expose their cultural roots and combine them with their passion for food.

This new movement – this dance of different tastes – attracted us. Why do people fall in love with street food? What are the reasons for the worldwide mushrooming of this trend? We needed to know.

So we packed our bags and began to search for answers. Over the past few months, we went on a journey that took us to some of the significant spots of street food history: Berlin, New York and Beijing.

We started in Berlin – the home base for street food in Germany – where the hype is still quite fresh. Our next destination was New York, trend capital of the U.S., which had big impact on the worldwide success of street food. And as street food can trace its very origins to Asia, we finally explored Beijing.

It was an exciting trip through the tastes of the world. In the end, we got a pretty good idea of why people indulge in street food. Join us on this worldwide celebration. But beware – if you hit the culinary “dance floor” your clothes might end up a little tighter. Believe us, we can attest to that.“

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