Was würde passieren, wenn plötzlich jeder auf der Welt Vegetarier wäre?

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Ich weiß, gefühlt sind alle Menschen auf der Welt bereits Vegetarier. Zumindest wenn es danach geht, was man von den Menschen im Alltag so erzählt bekommt, aber: Spaß beiseite. Die Leute von AsapSCIENCE, haben in gewohnt anschaulicher Manier erläutert, was tatsächlich geschehen würde, wenn jeder einzelne Mensch auf der Erde plötzlich vegetarisch leben würde und welchen Einfluss das auf unsere Umwelt, Wirtschaft und Gesundheit hätte. Super interessant.

In a world without any meat eating humans to provide a market, whole herds of domestic animals would disappear and this would free up vast quantities of land. About 33 million square kilometers of land are used for pasture, an area about the size of Africa and that’s not even counting the land used to grow crops exclusively for animal feed. Some of it would be needed for the increased amount of vegetable crops, but much of the land currently used as pasture is actually too dry to grow crops. Without humans adding artificial nutrients this land could turn to desert but if properly managed it’s possible that some farmland would return to its natural state of grassland or forest, which could help counteract global climate change. After all the loss of co2 absorbing trees cleared for agriculture is a major reason why global levels of co2 or going up.

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