„Perception“ – Ein Mural über 50 Gebäude in Kairo

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Wow! Der französische Künstler mit tunesischen Wurzeln el Seed, hat im Kairoer Stadtteil Manshiyat Nasr ein Mural gemalt, welches sich über 50 Häuser zieht. Sein Mural mit dem Titel Perception, ist nur aus frontaler Perspektive zu entziffern. Dann erkennt man:

“Wenn jemand das Sonnenlicht erblicken will, dann muss er sich die Augen reiben.”

Ich reibe mir erstmal die Augen angesichts dieses Meisterwerks. Respekt!

What you see is not what you think #perception #athanasius #zaraeeb

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@nytimes is talking about ‚Perception‘ (link in bio) ? @degnerd #cairo #athanasius #zaraeeb #a7sannas

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What you see is not what you think #perception #athanasius #zaraeeb #mubarakcha3abMasr #bestlifeproject

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In my new project ‘Perception’ I am questioning the level of judgment and misconception society can unconsciously have upon a community based on their differences. In the neighborhood of Manshiyat Nasr in Cairo, the Coptic community of Zaraeeb collects the trash of the city for decades and developed the most efficient and highly profitable recycling system on a global level. Still, the place is perceived as dirty, marginalized and segregated. To bring light on this community, with my team and the help of the local community, I created an anamorphic piece that covers almost 50 buildings only visible from a certain point of the Moqattam Mountain. The piece of art uses the words of Saint Athanasius of Alexandria, a Coptic Bishop from the 3rd century, that said: ‘Anyone who wants to see the sunlight clearly needs to wipe his eye first.‘ ‚إن أراد أحد أن يبصر نور الشمس، فإن عليه أن يمسح عينيه‘ The Zaraeeb community welcomed my team and I as we were family. It was one of the most amazing human experience I have ever had. They are generous, honest and strong people. They have been given the name of Zabaleen (the garbage people), but this is not how they call themselves. They don’t live in the garbage but from the garbage; and not their garbage, but the garbage of the whole city. They are the one who clean the city of Cairo. #perception #athanasius #zaraeeb #cairo

Ein von eL Seed (@elseed) gepostetes Foto am

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