‘Space Jam 2’ mit LeBron James kommt

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Wie der The Hollywood Reporter jetzt bestätigt hat, wird es einen zweiten Teil von Space Jame geben. Und wer ist für diese Rolle besser geeignet als King LeBron?

After rumors and much speculation, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Space Jam 2 is indeed happening, and LeBron James will star in the film. Justin Lin, Andrew Dodge and Alfredo Botello are coming together to write the script for the sequel, as Lin is also hoping to direct and produce the effort.

LeBron James had a rather lengthy role in Amy Schumer’s recentTrainwreck comedy, so he won’t be coming onto the set with absolutely no big picture experience. The original Space Jam released back in 1996, earning $230.4 million worldwide, and starred His Airness, Michael Jordan.

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