Eine Maschine, die deine Wäsche faltet

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This is really happen!!!

Apparently we spend 750 days of our life doing laundry and about 50% of that just on folding laundry. The idea of being able to cut that half down to almost nothing is certainly very appealing. That is the pitch of the FoldiMate, a new laundry folding machine. You clip individual shirts, it looks like it is about 10 to 15, onto the FoldiMate and it pulls the shirts then into the machine, dewrinkles them with steam, and folds them. All in all this looks promising, yet you have to be aware that only certain clothing silhouettes work with the machine and it does not wash or iron them, but simple “dewrinkle” them. You can pre-order the FoldiMate now for $700-$850, with the official release coming some time in 2017. Is it really worth the price? (via Highsnob)

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Willy Dr. Lima

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