Ein Motorrad aus Aluminium

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Ein Typ namens Maxwell Hazan hatte eine Vision. Der Motorrad-Designer entwirft in seinem Studio „Hazan Motorworks“ im kalifornischen Los Angeles einige der geilsten Maschinen, die man sich so vorstellen kann. Und hier hat er mit Sicherheit eines seiner Meisterstücke abgeliefert.

Maxwell Hazan has achieved close to what can be considered perfection with ‘the musket’. As S two-time winner of pipeburn’s bike of the year award, he’s one of the few designers globally that could lay claim to the title of ‘world’s best’. The sophisticated engine was hand-carved from a block of wood, hand-case at a foundry and finally, hand-machined by aniket vardhan. The frame was built to accommodate the sheer size of the engine, both of which sit upon the huge set of ‘bf goodrich’ silvertown car tires. Hazan Motroworks employed its craft in ‘the musket’ so much that the tires, wheels and headlight were the only components purchased; every other piece was made by hand. Of course if nothing is pre-made,every part can be finished bespoke to how you imagine it – especially if that imagination is one of the motorcycling world’s most vivid.




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Willy Dr. Lima

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