Deine Chance sechs Monate lang in einem Leuchtturm auf Australien zu leben

Dennis Jungfleisch

(Foto: Jeff Jennings • CC BY-SA 3.0)

Der Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service gibt aktuell zwei Freiwilligen die Chance sechs Monate in einem Leuchtturm auf Maatsuyker Island zu leben. Bei Interesse kann man sich hier bewerben, Die Chancen stehen zwar eher gering, wer aber sowieso mal ein paar Monate auswandern wollte…ich würde mich direkt bewerben!

„Volunteers are responsible for providing their own food, clothing, entertainment, bedding and other personal items. The Parks and Wildlife Service will provide transport by helicopter for these items between Hobart and Maatsuyker Island. Transport space is limited to 325 kg per person, (for 6 month stay).

The Parks and Wildlife Service will also provide one resupply helicopter visit at approximately 3 months in (i.e. one resupply in the standard 6 month stay), often to coincide with scheduled or unplanned maintenance. Space on the resupply flight will also be limited. Caretakers generally make their own arrangements for the preparation of food and other goods for resupply. Please note PWS prefer people take as many of the supplies as possible onto Maatsuyker in the beginning, so that the resupply can be primarily for fresh food and mail. There is a vegetable garden maintained by the caretakers for fresh food.

Electricity is supplied by a generating system incorporating solar and back up diesel. The high cost of transport dictates that gas and diesel consumption on the island be kept to a minimum.“

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