Breakfast Bowl: Müsli-Schüssel und Bong in einem

Dennis Jungfleisch
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Für den perfekten Start in den Tag. HIER käuflich zu erwerben.

Is it a breakfast bowl or is it a pipe? This is a 2 cup eating bowl WITH a water pipe built into an inner chamber.

The Breakfast Bowl Pipe is expertly hand crafted with superior borosilicate glass. The eating bowl has a 2 cup volume to satisfy the biggest appetites. The downstem and mouthpiece connect directly to form an inner chamber for the smoke. You’ll love our standard vibrant blue bowl piece, but it can be used with any 18mm piece. Our 9″ bent tube mouthpiece is an impressive weight to round off the ultimate experience.

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Über den Autor

Dennis Jungfleisch Rap. Caps. Sneaks. Pfeffi. Und Alba Berlin Groupie.

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