Nur ein alter Campinganhänger mit einem Boot als Dach

Dennis Jungfleisch
Art & Design, Technik


Wurde von Beginn bis Mitte der 50er Jahre in den USA hergestellt und ich bin so ein bisschen Fan geworden gerade. Der Style, die Farbe in diesem Fall und die Funktionalität – Geil!

The top of this 1954 camper is a boat


The fiberglass Kompak Sportsman trailer with fiberglass boat weighed approximately 1,180lbs. The trailer came with built-in work table, cabinets, 5.4 cubic foot ice refrigerator and 8.4 gallon water tank. Convenient roll-off for one man boat removal. F.O.B. $1,595 Medford, OR. This trailer was seldom used. This trailer benefited from inside storage in its early years and then went into a California „Camper Trails Museum.“ When the museum was disbanded, the 1952 Ford and Kompak Trailer were sold to a couple in Fishkill, NY. That owner restored the 1952 Ford Wagon and „outfitted“ the trailer for use by him and his wife. After one 4-day weekend camping trip, his wife informed him she was not the „camping type.“

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