Modedesigner Harikrishnan aus London entwirft aufblasbare Latexhosen

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Modedesigner Harikrishnan aus London entwirft ziemlich unkonventionelle Beinkleider. Die Hosen des guten Mannes sind aus Latex gefertigt und können aufgeblasen werden… WOW!

„I got the idea when I was playing with my dog and I started thinking about how exaggerated objects must look from such a low angle,“ explained the designer, who goes by the single name Harikrishnan.

„The thought of him seeing me as a giant figure or not seeing my head at all was intriguing, so I decided to reimagine the people around me through the game of distortion – detached from the stereotypical, pre-determined notions of the human perspective.“

[via KFMW]

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