The Last Video Store: Stöbern in der Videothek …als VR-Game!

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Mal wieder Bock am Wochenende ausgiebig in der Videothek zu stöbern? Kein Ding, das VR-Game The Last Video Store schickt uns demnächst wohl auf virtuelle Zeitreise…

Jack in and loiter outside some of the most iconic video store environments faithfully recreated from our fading memories. Pick a tape and choose whether to watch in a living room or movie theater themed room! Don’t want to watch movies but want to meet others who share the same passion? Explore the surrounding area or hang out in the parking lot, or take a night drive around the neighborhood. Survival mode includes realistic local jobs and bills to pay while managing your video enthusiast hobbies on the side.

[via LWDN]

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