Red Bull Commercial with Bassnectar’s Music

Cooles Ding!

Created as a self-initiated project with a fellow classmate. The project incorporated the use of live footage, compositing, liquid dynamics, 3d camera tracking, and a whole lot of render time.

A great project for learning limitations of software, and hardware, as well as the skills mentioned above.

Song featured
Timestretch – Bassnectar​bassnectar


A Very Tron Christmas

A recently unearthed Christmas classic from 1982, starring most of your favorite Tron characters and laser bikes.


A Christmas Story by Snoop Dogg

So kann man sich das Weihnachtsfest auch schmackhaft machen, sone Art Werbung für Pepsi Max.


Aloe Blacc & The Roots – I Need A Dollar live @ Jimmy Fallon (Video)


Eminem & Lil Wayne Live @ Saturday Night Live

Cooler Auftritt gestern von Lil Wayne, welcher “6 Foot 7“ performte und dazu noch „No Love“, bei dem er sich Eminem als Überraschnungsgast dazugeholt hat.

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