Blood Bros – Heaven 2 Hell: 80s-Actionmovie-Mix Vol.2

Von diesem grandiosen Mixtape gab es ja bereits die Vol.1, welche schon richtig fett rockte und nun kommt da der zweite Teil daher mit Songs von ua. Scarface, Top Gun, Footlose, The Last Starfighter, Karate Kid 2 und natürlich Rocky.

Blood Bros Heaven2Hell by maddecent

The second volume in the BLOOD BROS series! Created by Derek ‘DJA’ Allen and Dirty South Joe, this is another round of 80s Action soundtracks, but with a ’2nd in the trilogy’ twist. Will our heroes survive the ultimate challenge and make it out alive?! Put this mix on and remind yourself to PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT AND STARE DOWN YOUR DEMONS!


The Making of Tron Legacy

Sehr interessante Einblicke in das Making Of des Films. Kann man schonmal gesehen haben.

The Making of Tron: Legacy from Michael Keane on Vimeo.


Dokumentation: “Speaking in Code” komplett online

Seit gestern könnt ihr euch insgesamt eine ganze Woche die hervorragende Techno Dokumentation “Speaking in Code” bei Pitchfork online ansehen. Absolut lohnenswert.

Speaking in Code is an intimate account of people who are completely lost in music. Director Amy Grill follows a series of characters (including her technoobsessed husband) over a number of years as some struggle to make it while others thrive in the world of electronic music.

The film reveals six intertwined character studies and raw vérité views of new music in an intimate way not seen since The Decline of Western Civilization opened up the world of the LA punk scene. It’s a window into a world filled with warehouse parties, endless gigs, international travel, risks, inventions, triumphs and breakdowns.

The characters are as compelling as their storylines: Modeselektor, a rambunctious producer duo, are jettisoned from playing a tiny room in the US to playing to 20,000 people in Barcelona; journalist Philip Sherburne leaves America to find a more complete techno lifestyle in Europe; The Wighnomy Brothers are catapulted from their idyllic world in the former East Germany and they face their breaking point on camera; Tobias Thomas contemplates the near-end of his career; while Monolake, an inventor of the software that nearly all electronic musicians use to create their music, continues his steady yet quirky approach to a life in music. And back in the US, David Day (Grill’s husband) tries tirelessly to turn Boston from a rock-centric town to a techno city. Day’s wanton attempts to make electronic music popular put strain on his marriage to the director.

It’s a tightly interwoven story about the electronic music scene told from the inside-out: intimate, raw and vivid.


Kurzfilm: „The Fourth“

Three men. Big dreams. Tight shorts.

„The Fourth“ (Short Film) from An Illusion of Movement on Vimeo.


A-Trak zeigt uns sein Studio

Gestern noch die gleiche Prozedur mit Drop The Lime, heute schon mit A-Trak, welcher uns einen kleinen Einblick in seinen Studioalltag gibt. Ganz interessant.


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