Damit klaut euch bestimmt niemand mehr euer Pausenbrot


Resident Advisor Podcast RA.215 by Magda

Magda is among the last of what seems like a dying breed, a DJ that has made a career based solely around their talents behind the decks. The Minus mainstay has put her name to a production or two, but the reason that she has been among your favourite DJs of the past few years has nothing to do with anything except what she puts forth in a live setting. Her 2006 mix CD, She’s a Dancing Machine has come to represent a defining moment in Minus‘ rise to prominence, and her blend-happy mix for fabric last year once again showcased the possibilities of the form.

For her entry into RA’s podcast series, Magda doesn’t get quite as deep into the mix, instead opting for a more accurate representation of what you might hear from her at a private afterparty: Stone-cold bangers of recent and classic vintage. Letting things breathe, she puts together tracks from Black Devil Disco Club, Lindstrom, Chris and Cosey and ESG into something she simply calls „a fun summer mix.“ We wholeheartedly agree.

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Aphex Twin's "Alberto Balsalm" gecovert von einer Drum Band


Sehr schönes Cover von Schülern der College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati, welche sich den fetten Aphex Twin Hit zur Brust genommen haben und ein feines Steel Drum Cover gemacht haben. Hier nochmal das Original:



Jimmy Jump ist mein absolutes WM-Highlight

Und dabei wollte er dem Pokal nur nen neuen Look verpassen.


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Diese "Toy Story" sollte den Frauen gefallen..

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